"The horse - the human - and beyond!!!  That's what Colette is all about.  She has had a mare and a gelding of mine in for training, or I should say rehab training, and she has done more for my mare than any of her previous two trainers.  In fact, I have sent horses to 5 other trainers in my lifetime, and Colette is by far the best.  She not only teaches the horse, but teaches the owner how to interact with the horse, so the two can have a positive riding experience.  My horses were insecure, pushy, flighty, and not trusting of people.  She addressed every issue, starting at ground zero of catching them.  Colette teaches on the horse's time clock, not the humans.  She provides what is needed, and also strives to meet the owner’s expectations.  There are no specific gadgets, and no tricks, just a unique skill and horse sense that she applies to enable the horse to make good choices.    At whatever level or discipline and for whatever breed of horse, Colette does it all, and truly cares about the horse."                                                                                                               Shirley R.


 "I had given up all hope of ever getting my horse in a trailer.  I had used several techniques and nothing worked.  In fact, my TB was starting to rear and really fight any attempt to force him in.    I sought Colette's help not really believing this problem could easily be solved.  All it took was one session with Colette and Sunny was getting in, staying in, and coming out of the trailer on command.  It took me a bit longer to learn the correct techniques but I have found Colette to be a patient, helpful instructor! Colette also helped me get Sunny through clipping fears and taught him respectful habits with grooming.    I now call Colette with any problem I have with my new filly.  It really pays to do things right from the start! Colette is a wonderful resource for any horse issue and I would recommend her to anyone!"                Jan B.


My dog, Cookie, was having extreme muscle spasms. After going to three different Vets and still no improvement, I had Colette do Canine Touch on her.  .Even after the first session I seen an improvement, I was  so relieved, My Dog was crying in pain before she saw Colette, and  after about three times, her spasms were dramatically reduced.  Since she's worked on her she now seems to been pain free.  What a relief! If you have ever heard a baby cry in pain, that is what it was like with my dog. So happy that Colette was here to help me out in my time of need. I started to cry because I felt so helpless to help my own dog.  Next time I know where to go. Thank you so very much for helping me and my Cookie.

Mary T.


“Because of our positive experience with Colette, we trusted her with starting our four year old Morgan mare, Paree'.  She did an absolutely fantastic job.  Paree' has lots of "go" and is very full of herself.  Colette worked with those qualities and gave Paree' confidence and respect.  Paree' is a pleasure both on the ground and in the saddle.  Paree' is one of the foals we bred and raised with the objective of selling; but now I don't know if we can part with her.  We really thank Colette for providing a great foundation which allows us to see and appreciate Paree's talents.”

Terry D. & Lynne W.


“Colette has been a wonderful teacher for me and my horses. She has started three of our horses and we have been pleased with each one. She is a great teacher for the human as well, easy to follow and understand.”

Joanne O.


“Colette has been a great coach to me in natural horsemanship training.  She is very knowledgeable, focused, and tuned into the horse and person she is working with.  Every minute is used for learning and positive results; she has helped so much in advancing my horse and me to a better level of communication!”

Karen K.


“I am a new horse owner and have been taking lessons from Colette to learn how to work with my horse and become a better rider. Colette is a very patient and encouraging teacher and has helped me gain confidence in myself. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of training and horsemanship and is able to demonstrate and explain clearly what to do. She has helped me a lot and I would recommend her to anyone!”

Judy H.


“I've been around horses since I was about 2 years old and I though I knew a lot about horses and how to ride. But after going through training, I've learned so much more. My horse didn't even seem like the same horse when I came to pick her up after the 2 months you had her (in training). She was more confident and she could respond to the things I was asking her to do. I also have become more confident from the lessons we've had together. I feel that there is a better connection between Blaze and I. I've learned that some of the things that I was doing while riding might have been causing my horse to act the way she was acting…You make the world a better place for the horses you help and the owners who love them.”

Michelle U.


“I can say that coming out that day you did the problem horse session really gave me hope and totally changed my outlook and way of thinking.  I have a much better relationship with our horses…. and finally feel like there is something I can do to change behavior etc.  The times you came out for training lessons/saddle fitting were also very beneficial.  We learned things we never would have thought of before.  Our mare no longer runs all over the pasture when we bring out a bridle.  We (my husband and I), have been very impressed with the work that you and Ken do and are very grateful for your time and effort.”

Shelly T.


“I wished to prepare my new 9- year old QH, Cinch, for a 5-day grueling trail ride in the Badlands of North Dakota, but Cinch was too sore to even work in the round pen.  I brought him to Colette for Equine Touch Therapy, after which he exercised without apparent discomfort and then completed the trail ride easily.”

Denis R.


“Colette did a great job of teaching a 4H clinic.  She helped my daughter work on a balking issue she was having with her horse and did so in a way to build my daughter's confidence.  Colette stressed the importance of safety, saddle fit, and building confidence in both horse and rider.  I feel Colette is able to communicate well with all the different levels of riders in our 4H club from beginners to experienced.”

Kathy V.


"Colette does a wonderful job in assessing a horse and rider and is able to tailor her training to the needs of each individual with great care. She has the ability to work with the sensitive, nervous horse as well as the bossy, pushy type of horse with amazing results. Even when I bring Colette a horse for a 'spring tune up' they come back better and better each time and we are able to work on more refined training rather than dealing with the 'same old issue' each time. Thank you Colette!"

Don A.