The Equine Touch TM

Relatively new in the field of complementary animal modalities, The Equine Touch has already achieved credibility with horse owners, riders, trainers, equine therapists, equine chiropractors and veterinary surgeons in all countries where it is taught. The results in competitive horses have been, to say the least, stunning, and the ability for a horse to address a long-standing problem be it emotional, physical, neurological or behavioral has astounded even the most skeptical of traditional equine doctors and therapists.

The Equine Touch is simple to learn and requires no great knowledge of anatomy or physiology. The main ingredients required are accuracy, integrity and intent and a great deal of love for the equine.

The Equine Touch is not a therapy as such. It is in essence an energy release discipline, which must simply be considered as a holistic healing gift
to the horse. It is not a treatment designed to focus on any particular injury that the horse may or may not have.

Processing ET Moves
Horse processing ET moves during
demo at horse fair.
The Equine Touch
is not designed, or intended, in any way to be a substitute for normal veterinary practice. It is extremely complementary to allopathic medicine, as it is to acupuncture, homeopathic and herbal medicine while standing on its own as an initiator of amazing results.

The Equine Touch was pioneered and ultimately choreographed as an individual equine modality in its own right in 1997 by Bowen specialist and international acclaimed instructor Jock Ruddock. Jock, principal instructor for the International Academy of Somatic Harmonization and former national standards advisor on Bowen for the United Kingdom , initially addressed the equine by transposing the basic VHT human procedures to the horse. Subsequently the modality was introduced to veterinarians in Europe and Jock was joined in developing and teaching the modality by his wife Ivana, a veterinary surgeon and former university lecturer in anatomy who researched and monitored the success of the treatments and assisted in developing the Equine Touch even farther. As a result of Ivana's input, equine anatomy was studied, the location of each move noted, new moves and procedures tested and tried, and while at this stage there is no medically acceptable explanation as to how The Equine Touch works, the results appear to have a profound and positive effect on all patients exposed to the work, however it must always be remembered that all holistic or energy based addresses of the body can only be judged by their results though   practiced by people aware of their potential.

Colette was first exposed to, and became totally convinced that there is no comparison to The Equine Touch in 2002.   She was immediately amazed at her own ability to relax and change after Jock worked on her neck. She knew that there was no question that she had to incorporate ET into her program to do the best job possible for her horse, and any horse that came to her for training.  

ET Hamstrings
Here, Colette is performing The Equine Touch moves onthe hamstrings of  a horse, while teaching an ET Class.  
She also frequently performs VHT on her riding students to help improve their ability to ride in balance and harmony with their horses.

In keeping with the holistic approach to helping horses,
we cannot overlook any area of the horse for any situation.  
The physical and emotional health of a horse must be addressed
if we are to help them with any behavioral issues, soundness,
movement  impairments,  or any training problem the horse may have.  
There are many factors that contribute to the problems that horses develop.  
The bodywork done through The Equine Touch can help bring balance to the horse.  
Proper training techniques can help a horse to relearn how to move correctly
and to develop the proper muscles to help make riding
more pleasurable for both the horse and rider.

Together, with proper hoof balancing, proper dental care, and equipment that does not cause pain or
interfere with the horse's natural movement, The Equine Touch is an invaluable tool to a happy horse.

Colette is a Certified Equine Touch Practitioner, as well
as an Instructor to teach the Foundation, Advanced,
and Level 3A ET courses and VHT Classes.  
KCB also hosts clinics for founders Jock Ruddock and
his wife Ivana, when they are teaching in the USA.  
Colette  also provides VHT sessions, the human version
of ET, for horse owners and anyone else wanting to
experience the body balancing effects.  
Equine Touch class schedule and registrations forms
can be found on the schedule page. 
If you are interested in hosting an Equine Touch
class at your facility, please contact Colette.
Classes can also be arranged around your
schedule or for your group and held at
KCB Equine Center.

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