Care and rehabilitation of the troubled horse holds a special place in our lives. It takes special handling to help a horse let go of a troubled past. Undoing previous “work” with a horse that was done in the name of training or punishment is not always fast or easy, but is a very necessary service to provide. We strive to put the emotional needs of the horse as priority, without letting the mental and physical needs fall by the wayside.

Getting a great start is the best thing you can do for your youngster.  You only get one time to do it right the first time.
My goal is to give the young horse the best experience they can have with the least amount of trouble.
My training program gets the horse out of the arena and into the obstacle course and onto the trails as soon as possible.
I want them as ready for real life as possible.
I describe my training method as Using the principals from Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt blended with the Principals of Dressage.